Exclusive!!! Gwyneth Paltrow Traveling to Komodo Island “Indonesia”.




We sailed a little corner of the Indonesian archipelago, which is comprised of over 17,000 islands, over the course of four days.

Our amazing boat, the Silolona, was designed after traditional Indonesian trade boats that sailed along the historical Spice Routes.

Before we set sail off the coast of Labuana, Nasir, one of the crew members who also built the boat, performed an Indonesian ritual for safe passage. Nasir turned out to be a total rockstar – singing, dancing and tandem water skiing with me.

When we would arrive at a new beach, we would all spend 20 minutes picking up the debris that had washed up on shore. Among the refuse are small brown glass bottles, which seem to be everywhere. We saved those and the crew showed us how to turn them into homeade lanterns by filling them with kerosene and making a homemade wick. We lit the beach by perching them on the rocks (see all the little specks of light above). At the end of the night we lit giant rice paper lanterns and sent them off with a prayer. (Moses is now a pyro thanks to this particular evening.)




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